Palestinian Leaders Announce National Temper Tantrum

I’ve seen this movie before. In fact, it plays out weekly in my younger children’s reactions

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Photo: Wisam Hashlamoun/Flash90

(PHOTO: My son, Yonatan, peacefully protesting my decision to turn off the PlayStation. Yes, that was satire. The rest of this article is not.)

Palestinian leaders keep telling us that they’re a peace-seeking people, but their rhetoric and actions constantly belie that assertion.

No doubt that the Trump Administration’s decision last week to reverse US foreign policy by no longer viewing Jewish settlements as illegal was a big blow to the Palestinian nationalist cause.

Even so, a truly peaceful people wouldn’t respond with what amounts to a deadly national temper tantrum.

But, like a petulant child, that’s precisely what the Palestinian Authority has openly announced it will do should Washington fail to fall back in line posthaste with its narrative that the Jews have no history in, and therefore no right to the lands of Judea and Samaria.

The Palestinian factions making up the PLO, including the Fatah faction of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, have declared this Tuesday to be a “day of rage” against Israel and America in response to the Trump Administration decision.

A top Palestinian official at first claimed that the day of rage would consist of “peaceful protests against the occupation and its settlers.” But if you’re thinking that “rage” and anything described as “peaceful” are probably mutually exclusive, you’d be right.

Another senior Palestinian official, Jamal Mouhsein, later told the Tazpit News Agency that the day of rage (which will be a recurring day of rage) could be a prelude to another Intifada, or terrorist uprising. He said that those taking part in tomorrow’s confrontations are being called on to employ “popular resistance,” a known phrase meaning any form of violence excluding the use of firearms and explosives (think stabbings or vehicular terror).

As a father of young children, I’m familiar with the tactic. 

All too often one of them will respond with extreme displeasure to myself or my wife providing a negative response to their request. Or, like Trump, perhaps we altered a family policy that in its previous form worked more to their benefit. Whatever the circumstances, said child will then embark on a campaign of small, but ever-escalating annoyances aimed at bringing us parents to the edge of our patience, the intended outcome being to force us to “see reason” and acquiesce to the child’s demands. Like the Palestinians, said child is usually careful not to cross the line into full-blown warfare, knowing that he or she would be quickly “annihilated.”

Now, truth be told, sometimes the tactic works. We’re tired, and on occasion we just don’t have the patience to put up with these recurring household days of rage. But one thing is certain–they never lead to peace. At least my children are honest enough to admit that’s not their goal.

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