Palestinian Terrorist Kills Israeli, Wounds 2 More

Single terrorist goes on prolonged stabbing and shooting spree against Israeli soldiers and civilians

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A Palestinian Arab terrorist on Sunday went on a stabbing and shooting spree that left one Israeli dead and two more in critical condition.

The prolonged attack began near the Samaria Jewish settlement of Ariel, where the terrorist assaulted an Israeli soldier near a bus stop. After stabbing the soldier, the terrorist managed to seize his rifle and immediately opened fire on passing vehicles, hitting an Israeli motorist.

Another Israeli driver ran from his vehicle, which the terrorist then stole and drove off in the direction of Tel Aviv.

At the next major junction, the terrorist again opened fire, hitting another Israeli soldier waiting at a hitchhiking post.

From there, the terrorist drove to the nearby Palestinian village of Burqin, where he abandoned the stolen vehicle and disappeared. At press time, Israeli forces were entering the village and conducting a thorough manhunt.

PHOTO: Scene of the attack. (Flash90)

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