Palestinian Terrorists Kill 2 More Israelis in Samaria; Hamas Celebrates

Jewish settlers demand blanket travel ban on Palestinians in Samaria until the violence against them ceases

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Palestinian Arab gunmen on Thursday exited a vehicle along Route 60 in central Samaria and opened fire on a group of Israeli Jews waiting at a bus stop.

Two people were declared dead at the scene, and two more were seriously wounded. One of the wounded is listed in critical condition with a gunshot wound to the head.

The attack occurred just a couple miles from a similar shooting on Sunday in which a pregnant Jewish woman was critically injured, forcing doctors to deliver her child prematurely via Cesarean section. The baby has since died, while the mother is now listed in stable condition.

As it did following that earlier attack, the Hamas terrorist organization praised Thursday's deadly shooting as a great act of "heroism."

Israelis living in the biblical heartland have demanded that the government impose a blanket travel ban on Palestinians until the violence ceases and the Palestinian Authority does more to deter its citizens from attacking Jews.

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