MembersA History of Palestinian Rejectionism

Are the Palestinians even capable of making peace with Israel? Maybe Trump should take a look at their history.

By Edy Cohen | | Topics: palestinians
Palestinians reject peace offered by Trump, just like all other deals.
Photo: Flash90

The consistent and enduring Palestinian rejection of peace initiatives with Israel, including the “Deal of the Century,” calls into question the commitment of the Palestinian leadership not only to a peace process, but to the very welfare and safety of the Palestinian people.

Taking into consideration all the peace initiatives proposed over the last 75 years, we must come to the conclusion that the Palestinians do not want to establish their own country.

They are stalling for time, and above all want to continue to exist on monies donated by Arab and European countries. Many of these Arab countries have already understood this, and their assistance, particularly from the Saudis, has been discontinued in recent years.

President Trump also closed the flow of US support, and only the naïve Europeans remain stuck in the implacable Palestinian narrative.


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