Poll: Israelis Want ‘Pride’ Parades Out of City Centers

But survey also finds that overwhelming majority of Israelis support the homosexual community and agenda

An estimated 20,000 people packed downtown Jerusalem during last week’s “Gay Pride” parade, while some 2,000 police ensured their safety.

A survey conducted by researchers at Tel Aviv University on behalf of Walla! News found that most Israelis want “pride” parades to be banned in city centers.

A 50 percent majority of respondents opposed allowing these parades on main thoroughfares, while 44 percent supported it. A similar position was taken by Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat, who decided against participating in the parade since it is deemed so offensive by a majority of his city’s residents.

However, only 27 percent of poll respondents called to ban “Gay Pride” parades altogether, and a firm 71 percent majority rejected recent anti-homosexual remarks by prominent rabbis.