Poll: Most Israelis Feel Their Nation is in Danger

Overwhelming majority of Jews feel Israel faces ‘moderate-to-high’ existential threats, but say IDF gets enough money

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The monthly Peace Index survey conducted in late July found that a firm majority of Israeli Jews believe their nation is in serious danger from various security and military threats.

Over 26 percent of respondents described the level of danger to Israel as “very high,” while another 51.4 percent said it was “moderately high.”

Despite this, 26.1 percent of Israelis Jews feel the defense establishment receives enough funding, and 41 percent said the army eats up too much of the national budget. Less than 20 percent said the IDF was under-funded.

The results come amid mounting debate over the US-brokered Iran nuclear agreement, which Israelis from across the political spectrum view as a strategic error that puts the Jewish state at grave risk.

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