Prophetic Dreams in Service to the New Antisemitism

A UK newspaper has no problem using the dreams of an Anglican priest as evidence of Israel’s alleged ‘apartheid’ policies

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Antisemitism can no longer be regarded as just another topic among many, a matter of personal preference, as it were. Nor is it really my shtick, but what is going on simply can’t be brushed aside.

“Never Again” was never meant to be a slogan, a catchy phrase to be rehearsed in elementary schools. It is a vow Jews have no choice but taking. My articles on this issue stem from the same principle that motivated Paul – how shall they believe if they have not heard and how shall they hear without a preacher?

Hopefully the knowledge disseminated through my own articles and those of others will motivate, however little, more people toward a meaningful protest, and yes, even outrage, against the new Antisemites disguising themselves as angels of light.

Many of the new Antisemites are gathering around the “pro-Palestinian” scarecrow dressed up with bits and pieces of shabby cloths made from all kinds of “anti-fibers” (anti-colonialism, anti-Zionism etc.). These people, writes Ruth Wisse in bitter irony, find a sort of twisted relief “to have Israel on hand to represent the world’s worst criminal: occupier, racist, exploiter, warmonger, aggressor-in-chief extraordinaire!”

What is presented as a progressive agenda intended to enlighten the world is being used to destroy Israel. That’s why the new Antisemites now find themselves in need of a supernatural crutch to support what is otherwise an indefensible position. Without such a crutch, Jews and non-Jews alike who objectively explore motivations of the pro-Palestine movement begin to realize that what at first come across as lofty liberal ideals mask what is ultimately an irrational position.

Consider the article published in The Guardian, a British daily that normally has no time for promoting para-normal phenomena. This newspaper leans on the likes of Giles Fraser to provide this spiritual crutch in order to give life to the pro-Palestinian scarecrow it strives to create. In his article titled “Little wonder that my dreams in Nablus are so disturbing,” Fraser, the priest-in-charge at St Mary’s Newington in south London, is delivering the goods in the form of prophetic dreams.

On a visit to Nablus (biblical Shechem), Fraser was having a dream in which he saw something that “had the size and colour of a mouse, bulging in the middle, with legs like a spider. It scuttled across the floor and into a cardboard box, set in a confusing diagonal shadow. A ginger cat sat on the top of the box, peering down into it. Nothing happens. The cat just waits. I wake up … But dreams return. I am walking down the street with a woman, next to a large concrete wall. I can hear panicked shouts, the sound of a large number of young people on the other side. Suddenly, one of the panels of the wall rotates, like a revolving door. Through the opening I glimpse people running away from something, but the source of the panic is unclear. She goes through the concrete door. I do not. The door closes. I hear more shouting. I don’t know if I should have gone through with her. All I know is that we are separated. I wake again, sweating, confused, frightened.”

According to Fraser, “You don’t need to be Freud to figure all this out,” though he does apparently need the out-of-control liberal Israeli newspaper Haaretz to confirm his claims. And without much of an effort, he finds what he needs. An article written by an Israeli journalist informs Fraser that though there aren’t separate toilets for Jews and Arabs, Israeli policy on the West Bank is nothing short of a “grand apartheid.”

For this predisposed priest, a blatant lie printed in an Israeli newspaper is an indisputable fact.

Having interpreted his dreams just the way he wanted, Fraser turns to the usual anti-Israel rant to give alleged evidences for the authenticity of the dreams he was having, not far from where Joseph had his dream “about the domination of his brothers,” for which he “was exiled into slavery” (what a neat interpretation).

Not giving in to any doubt, the Anglican priest ends his prophetic experience with the conclusion that “Joseph’s dream has become a reality,” which is another way of saying that Israeli Jews deserve exile. This new scheme of presenting “divine revelations” is now supposed to justify pro-Palestinian hate-mongers who are wishing the Jews a pleasant drowning in the Nile or a happy exile in Birkenau.

PHOTO: Giles Fraser near a portion of the Israeli security barrier.


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