Report: Palestinian ‘Journalist’ Killed in Gaza Was Flying Drone Over IDF Soldiers

Israeli DM says for those who don’t have a death wish, avoid flying drones over heads of armed soldiers

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If you want to stay alive during a tense armed confrontation, it's probably best to not launch a drone over the heads of the guys holding the biggest guns.

Apparently, that lesson was lost on Yasser Murtaja, the Palestinian Arab man shot and killed during clashes along the Gaza security fence on Friday.

While he didn't work for any recognized news agency, Hamas claims that Murtaja was a "journalist," a transparent attempt to accuse Israel of suppressing freedom of the press. The irony, of course, is that Israel plays host to more foreign journalists per capita than any nation in the world, while the Palestinian regimes, and Hamas in particular, are routinely criticized by their own Palestinian journalists for intimidation and harassment.

At any rate, Israel Radio cited unnamed sources in Gaza who said Murtaja was known to use camera drones to capture aerial photographs, and the Gaza security fence riots presented a tantalizing opportunity.

Stating what should be obvious to any rational-minded human being, Israel Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman said Murtaja should have been just a bit more selective about where he piloted his drone:

"I don’t know who is or isn’t a photographer. Anyone who operates drones above IDF soldiers needs to understand he’s putting himself in danger."

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