MembersRestoring Israel’s Covenant Promises

Islam understands that if Israel’s foundations are destroyed the whole house comes down

By David Lazarus |
Photo: Flash90

When Abraham came down to the land of Canaan from Haran he built four altars. Every place he went in this new land he built an altar to establish worship to the God of Israel in the Promised Land. Abraham did not just come to settle and build a family here. He was sent to establish the worship of One God, the God of Israel in a land filled with idolatry, and to raise a family to serve Him as a light to all nations.

At each altar, God made a covenant with Abraham and with his Promised Seed.


Shechem, Alon Moreh (the Guiding Oak)

The first altar Abraham built was in Shechem, about 49 km (30 mi.) north of Jerusalem. It was here that he received the promise of the Land (Gen. 12).

Later, his grandson Jacob came back to Shechem, bought a plot of land, and restored or renewed the covenant made with his father Abraham for his own family.

When the Children of Israel left Egypt, they carried the bones of Joseph, Abraham’s great-grandson, back to Israel...

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