Santa Claus Attacks IDF Soldiers in Bethlehem

Palestinians have made a tradition of manipulating Christmas into an anti-Israel demonstration

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Nearly every Christmas someone dresses up like Santa Claus and engages in violence against Israeli soldiers. Usually in or near Bethlehem. And always in hopes of bolstering Christian antagonism toward the Jewish state.

This year, several Palestinians dressed as Santa and joined a larger group that set out to confront IDF soldiers stationed at the checkpoint separating Bethlehem from Jerusalem.

Others in the mob held signs reading: “Santa Claus stands with the Palestinian people”

“We came here to go to prayers in Jerusalem. We want to get to the capital of Palestine, Jerusalem, and we want to say that this land is Palestinian land and it is our right to get to that land,” one of the Santas told Israel’s Ynet news portal.

The protestors threw stones and tried to force their way through the checkpoint, but were pushed back with the use of tear gas.

Many Palestinians claim Jesus was one of their own (rather than Jewish, as the Bible makes clear) and so manipulate Christmas into an anti-Israel demonstration.

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