MembersSarah – An Overlooked Overcomer, Part 2

Miracles can happen, even when we reach our lowest point

By Anat Schneider | | Topics: WOMEN OF THE BIBLE, Sarah
Sarah offers Hagar to Abraham.
Photo: Public domain

As we saw in Part 1, Sarai (Sarah), in her great despair at not being able to have children, decided to give Abraham her handmaiden Hagar as his second wife, so she Sarai could “obtain” children by her.

However, from the moment Hagar was given to Abraham and became pregnant, Sarai’s feelings of humiliation became even worse. It was now clear to everyone that it was Sarai’s fault that they could not have children.

Sarai suddenly wished she could take back what she had done. The consequences of her actions seemed unbearable.

So Sarai got permission from Abram to do as she pleased with Hagar. Full of venomous jealousy, she afflicted the pregnant Hagar, tormenting her so much because of the child that Hagar eventually ran away to the desert. She preferred to die there, rather than stay with Sarai.

Sarai was at her lowest point. Years of suffering, humiliation and jealousy made her lash out, cruel and ruthless.

Thankfully, God intervened. He rescued Hagar, and she...

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