Sea of Galilee at 100-Year Low

Another winter of below average rainfall has left the lake where Jesus walked on water at its lowest level in a century.

By Israel Today Staff |
Genezareth See
Genezareth See Photo: Isaac Harari/FLASH90

Israel is in its fourth year of drought and the Sea of Galilee, the nation’s biggest reservoir, only rose by 2 feet (60 cm) all winter.


The Kinneret, as it is called in Hebrew, is a whopping 14 feet (4.35 meters) below capacity with many hot and dry months ahead. It is already 6 inches (16 cm) below the so-called red line, the point that endangers the delicate ecology of the lake.


Desalination plants now supply about half of Israel’s water which is sufficient for domestic consumption; but farmers are lamenting their bone dry fields as no significant rainfall is expected until November.


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