Shocking Video Shows Young Gaza Child Opening Fire on IDF Soldiers

Sending young kids possibly to their deaths for the sake of public relations is child abuse, plain and simple

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We've all been horrified by "summer camp" videos of Gaza's Hamas overlords encouraging and training Palestinians children as young as five years of age to violently attack Israel.

The one shred of hope has been that as those children grow, perhaps they'll come to their senses before getting an opportunity to actually engage in a deadly confrontation with Israelis.

But that hope is being crushed as Hamas and its supporters begin to arm young children with firearms before sending them off to provoke Israeli soldiers.

This security footage is from just last Friday, when Hamas sent a group of children to attack IDF troops guarding Israel's southern borders.

Most of the children threw or slung stones, but one child is seen drawing a gun and opening fire.

Israel's Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) stated:

Last Friday, security cameras filmed a Gazan child participating in a violent riot on the Gaza Strip border. The young boy was holding a gun and firing at IDF units in the area.

A quick understanding of the situation and informed decisions by IDF forces in the area prevented any harm to the child. We only wonder- how could this little boy's parents risk their son's life?

The sad reality is that Hamas and its supporters wouldn't have cared if that child died. In fact, they probably hoped for his death, as that would provide ammunition for the public relations arm of their war with Israel.

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