Simple… Even For a Male

New shopping mall commercial demonstrates how much Israeli culture and society has changed

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Funny, in bad taste, culturally indicative – what do you make of it? 

An Israeli commercial for a new shopping center depicts males as useless brutes, brain-dead couch potatoes unable to do the simplest of chores. 

But, there is hope for the common male. Now, with the new shopping center, life is so much easier that even males can finally fulfill their only basic role, which is to serve females. 

The commercial makes a clever use of the Hebrew root zachar, which means “male” and also “memory.” The dialogue goes like this:

Female: Get to know the common male in his natural habitat. He is called zachar (male) because once upon a time, many years ago, he remembered (zachar) many things. For example, he was told, “Bring food back home.”

Male: Food…

Female: He is a male/he remembered. But since then his condition has deteriorated. For example, he was told to remember to buy gifts for the holiday. But he isn’t a male/he didn’t remember. This why the male’s woman is going to rip off his…

Male: I’m going to buy gifts for the holiday.

Female: Lucky for him there is Mivneh (the name of the shopping center). All the male has to do is jump, park and buy in order to see another day. Simple, simple, simple. Even for a… male!!!

Whatever one makes of it, once thing is certain. A decade ago such a commercial could not even have been conceived.

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