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The topic of health has been on my mind for some years now.

Photo: Israel Today

To live a healthy life, you have to adjust your diet. You have to cook differently, shop differently, bring healthier food home. Initially, I just thought about it. From time to time I tried to implement a change in a practical way, but failed repeatedly. After work, we’d immediately head to the kitchen and “pig out,” as they say. Occasionally, there were salads and soups and other healthy items. But there was no real effort to change my health. Looking back, I understand that I was just too lazy.

Then, one day, it suddenly clicked. I put up a sign in my kitchen: “Your food should be your remedy”. Just three words in Hebrew:

מזונותיך תרופותיך יהיו 

But that’s all it took to constantly remind me to cook differently. Healthy cooking started very gradually, and that suited me...

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