“The Palestinian problem is no longer our concern”

Who says that? Arabs! We have been following the Arab press for years and recently the voices against the Palestinians have become increasingly louder.

By Aviel Schneider | | Topics: Saudi Arabia
Ahmed Al-Jarallah. Photo: Ahmed Al Jarallah, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Arab politicians recognize that the Palestinians have cheated Arab governments for decades and only want their money.

“First tie the animal and then trust in Allah.” Ahmed Abel Aziz Al-Jarallah (81), a Kuwaiti journalist, author and editor-in-chief of the Kuwaiti newspapers Arab Times and Al-Seyassah and owner of the weekly magazine Al-Hadaf, has written a unique article. What this verse means is that trusting in Allah does not exempt a person from taking care of their own affairs. “Make an effort and then trust in Allah.” Under this title, the famous publicist ‎@Ahmadaljaralah wrote an op-ed yesterday on the Kuwaiti website Al-Seyassah regarding the normalization between Israel and Saudi Arabia. In a public appeal, Al-Jarallah suggested that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman no longer show any consideration for the Palestinians.

“His Highness Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Think about it and trust Allah, yes think about it and trust Allah. After the signing of the Oslo Accords between the PLO and Israel, the Palestinian issue is no longer an Arab issue, but only an Israeli-Palestinian issue. The peoples of the Arabian Gulf no longer accept promoting and supporting the interests of the Palestinians at the expense of their own affairs.

“While we stood up for Palestine, the Palestinians planned to kill us. While we took money from ourselves to give to the Palestinians, the Palestinians spent that money destroying our lands and shouted ‘Allah Hu’Akbar’ in joy every time Saddam Hussein fired a missile at Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.”

The Kuwaiti editor-in-chief reminds the Saudi crown prince how the PLO and the Palestinians stood with Iraq during the invasion of Kuwait in August 1990.

In his article, Al-Jarallah recalls how Palestinians cursed Kuwait and the Saudi royal family in Friday sermons in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

“Against all peoples in the Persian Gulf. Not even Israel committed a tenth of the crimes that the Palestinians and PLO committed against us. Therefore, in the name of the Arab Gulf countries, we say ‘Tie the animal and trust in Allah.'”

In other words, Saudi Arabia should punish the Palestinians because they are a deceitful people.

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But that is not all. Al-Jarallah continues and lists numerous points to introduce to the world who the Palestinians really are. Under no circumstances should Saudi Arabia forego normalization with Israel because of the Palestinians and their demands.

“The Palestinians are using the aid they received from the Gulf states to build palaces and buy land in European cities and spend huge sums on gambling because they think they can do whatever they want with ‘uncle’s’ money.

“The peoples of the Gulf states are no longer willing to put the interests of the Palestinians above their own. Why? The leaders in the Gaza Strip kiss the hands of the Iranians anyway. [By this he means the Shiites, who are religious archenemies of the Sunnis.]

“Israel has become a fact with the support of Europe and the West, while Palestinians living abroad are raising generations who know Palestine only through slogans and songs.

“The leaders of the Palestinian organizations live like kings, their children are businessmen and they throw lavish weddings for millions, all from the donations of Arab governments, especially from the Gulf states, for which we have only received curses and threats in return.

“In the 1960s, Kuwait was worried about Yasser Arafat and the PLO, and in return, Arafat supported Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein against us until Iraq invaded Kuwait and destroyed the country.

“The Palestinian organizations hijacked planes and carried out terrorist attacks in Arab countries such as Jordan and Lebanon to remind the world of the Palestinian problem. The Palestinians killed tens of thousands of people for this.

“The Palestinian organizations sold the slogan ‘Liberation of Palestine’ for their own needs and personal benefit, forgetting their land and people.

“The world does not wait for the weak. The Palestinian movements thrive on political blackmail, and those who do not submit to it are murdered while they themselves lead a prosperous life.”

Finally, Al-Jarallah reported how he visited Israel, documented it in his newspaper and was taken to court in 1997 and paid a fine of 5,000 Kuwaiti dinars. It is worth noting that he is not necessarily loved by the Kuwaiti government, but is respected by the Saudi royal family, and he suggested that they “forget the Palestinians and take a step forward with Israel.”

This is already happening in the United Arab Emirates, where locals are now enthusiastic about Hasidic Jewish songs, as you can see in the following video:


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One response to ““The Palestinian problem is no longer our concern””

  1. Vernon Ryan says:

    “Those who bless you, I will bless, those who curse you, I will curse.”
    What the Lord says will happen, does happen. May the scales on the eyes of those who have believed the so called, “Palestinians,” now fall to the ground and they find the truth in their new sight.

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