The Selfie Heard Round the World

Obnoxious Israeli MK gives Trump something he may remember even more than the Western Wall

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Ok, maybe it wasn't "heard round the world."

But after Member of Knesset Oren Hazan (Likud) butted his way to the front for a selfie with just-arrived President Trump, that was all most Israelis could talk about during POTUS's first day in the Land.

Hazan wasn't even supposed to be on the front line of dignitaries greeting Trump after he landed at Ben Gurion Airport.

He's not a cabinet minister. He's not particularly well known outside Israel. But, in typical Israeli fashion, Hazan felt he was entitled to be in the spotlight, and aggressively made it happen.

Netanyahu was visibly embarrassed, and certainly gave Hazan a good tongue-lashing later.

Meanwhile, Israelis had a field day with the little incident, which, again, received as much coverage as anything else Trump did yesterday, like visit the Western Wall.

And a phony Trump tweet regarding the incident:

Welcome to Israel, Mr. President!

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