They Tell Us America has No God Olivier Fitoussi/Flash90

They Tell Us America has No God

Like anywhere else, Israelis mostly consume local media, which means that what they know about the world goes through the filter of reporters and news editors.


What are Israelis hearing about America these days? Reports like the lengthy article published in Calcalist, the popular financial section of the daily Yediot Aharonot titled, “America has no God.

The headline sets the scene, with a subtitle that leaves no doubt in the mind of the Israeli reader that America is fast becoming a secular nation. “For the first time in history,” it reads, “less than half of the Americans are affiliated to a church, a mosque or a synagogue.”

The question the article attempts to answer is “why one of the most religious nations in the West is becoming secular?” The article goes on to deal with the decline of Christianity in the US, which is why the title or subtitle should have read,...


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