Too Many Jews in Biden Admin, Says Turkey

Conspiracy theorists linked to Turkish regime say Jews “overrepresented,” but then so are Palestinians

By Israel Today Staff | | Topics: America, Turkey, Biden
Turkey says too many Jews in Biden White House
Photo: Gili Yaari/Flash90

A popular social media group believed to be linked to the regime of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan tweeted at the weekend that Jews are “overrepresented” in the Joe Biden White House.

According to the tweet, Jews make up just 1% of the US population, but 50% of President Joe Biden’s cabinet. While Biden has indeed appointed a number of Jews to top positions, only a few are actually in his cabinet.

Clash Report regularly posts in Turkish and Russian, but only infrequently in English, so the post about the Biden Admin quickly caught the attention of American observers, who just as quickly slammed the group for perpetuating antisemitic conspiracy theories according to which the Jews secretly control America.

It is notable that Biden has also appointed a number of Americans of Palestinian Arab descent to positions in his administration.

It was announced on Sunday that Maher Bitar will be the new senior director for intelligence for the National Security Council. Bitar previously served as the director for Israeli-Palestinian affairs on the National Security Council under former President Barack Obama.

Reema Dodin, a Jordanian of Palestinian descent, has been named the Deputy Head of the Department of Legislation at the White House, and Dana Shubat will be a Legislative Affairs Strategic Coordination Lead at the White House.

Regardless of how one views these appointments, it remains an interesting phenomenon just how heavily the tiny State of Israel and the relatively minor Israeli-Palestinian conflict weigh on the politics of the world’s superpower.

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