Trump Admin Tells Palestinians to Grow Up, Get Serious

Palestinians complain about cut in US aid, even though they requested it to avoid being sued for terrorism

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In an exchange that was reminiscent of a school teacher telling the class flunkee to finally get his act together, America's top Middle East envoy on Friday scolded the Palestinian Authority via Twitter.

Earlier that day, Palestinian Authority spokesman Nabil Abu Rudeineh publicly complained that the elimination of all remaining US financial aid "will have a negative impact on all, create a negative atmosphere, and increase instability."

That sounded a bit odd to US Special Envoy Jason Greenblatt, given that the Palestinians themselves had actually requested that the Trump Admin halt all remaining financial aid.

Greenblatt responded to Rudeineh in a series of tweets:

"1st: This aid was cut (not just suspended) at the PA’s request because they didn’t want to be subject to US courts which would require them to pay US citizens killed by Palestinian terrorists when the PA was found guilty."

"2nd: The PA has $ for health/education- but must use their $ wisely. Example: stop rewarding terrorists who kill Israelis. That will save the PA a fortune. They can also work with the US & others to help improve their economy and need even less foreign aid."

"3rd: Palestinians are too smart to continue to live as victims and recipients of foreign aid. Until a political solution is found (maybe it will be our peace plan?), the PA must focus on helping Palestinians lead better lives. Blaming others doesn’t work; never has/never will."

"4th: Threats about increasing instability if the PA doesn’t get what it wants (in this case money) are also tiresome, not just to the US, but to most countries around the world that I’ve spoken to in the past 2 years."

"Mr. Abu Rudeineh: time to get serious. Either work on peace and/or work on helping Palestinians. The old messages and methods don’t work anymore- not with the US, and not with many other countries. It’s only a matter of time until other countries say this out loud too."

Whether or not you support US President Donald Trump, there can be no question that the Palestinian Authority has finally met its match in the current US administration.

No longer can they violate agreements with impunity and peddle the same tired excuses and accusations.

PHOTO: Greenblatt meets with Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah in 2017. (Flash90)


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