Unofficial Poll Shows Arabs Would Back Israel in War Against Iran

Who could have ever imagined a majority in the Arab world backing Israel in a war against fellow Muslims?

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In an unofficial, unscientific survey, a firm majority of respondents from across the Arab Middle East said they would back Israel in a war against Iran and its proxies in Syria.

The poll was conducted on Twitter by Faisal al-Kasim, an Al-Jazeera host who is one of the most influential TV media personalities in the Arab world.

Nearly 24,000 of al-Kasim's followers responded to the poll, 56 percent of whom said they'd side with the Jewish state against the Islamic Republic.

While the survey is, again, not scientific, it is nevertheless significant given al-Kasim's prominence and the massive number of Arab media consumers who bothered to respond.

Already for years Arab leaders have been quietly leaning toward Israel in the face of regional threats like Iran's nuclear program and the rise of ISIS. In so doing, they have acknowledged that the "Palestinian issue" is a side concern, at best, and that Israel has more to offer as an ally than an enemy.

Al-Kasim's poll would indicate that the Arab masses are waking up to that reality, too.

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