WATCH: Illegal Jewish Outpost of Amona Forcibly Evacuated

Israeli security forces carry out government order to evacuate, forcibly if needed, unauthorized Jewish outpost

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Israeli security forces on Wednesday carried out a government order to evacuate, forcibly if needed, the unauthorized Jewish settlement outpost of Amona.

Situated near the Samarian town of Ofra, Amona was home to hundreds of religious Jews who felt it they had a biblical mandate to resettle this particular part of the land.

But the government ultimately ruled that the community had been erected without proper authorization, and therefore must be demolished.

Thousands of police and soldiers took part in the operation. Most did their best to treat the distraught Jewish settlers with care and understanding. That can be seen in the following video of a Border Police officer consoling a settler he had just removed from his home:

Most Jews do not relish the idea of uprooting fellow Jews from the Land of Israel.

Here is aerial footage of the difficult event taken by a police drone:

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