What Gives?

Generosity toward your fellow man is one of the most humane acts.

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To give is really an internal decision to agree to see the other, to reach out, to give attention, to listen, to embrace another.

All these and many more are the embodiment of giving. Giving has many expressions and endless possibilities for doing good. And each of us has our own unique way of giving.

There is a great feeling of satisfaction after we open our hearts and manage to see those around us. There is a pleasant feeling inside us that giving brings. The more often we do this, the more we actually experience personal development and growth – because the one who is giving is also receiving.

If we look at the word “gave” in Hebrew, it is natan from the root N.T.N. (Nun Tav Nun). It’s the same whether read from left-to-right or right-to-left. This sheds further light on how giving is always also a form of receiving. When we were children we knew how to be generous and loving. It often came to us naturally. The mechanism of giving exists within us, and is even natural and right for us.

But as we grew up, life often added some very different personality traits — such as arrogance, cynicism, ego, and all kinds of defense mechanisms to guard ourselves emotionally.

Giving gradually got further from our nature.

As adults, giving sometimes requires thought, intentionality and effort. If we practice, persist and train ourselves, giving can be restored to its natural and effortless manner.

If we are already generous, it is necessary to understand some healthy boundaries to protect us, sometimes even from ourselves. There is a correct measure in life for everything (food, money to waste on little things, screen time…); and one of our goals in life is to create balance and do things in a correct way that will not violate our internal stability. Not too little, and not too much.

It is important to find the right God-given measure for us in each and every area – even regarding our generosity. A balanced state of giving will help us avoid a state of resentment and expecting to get something back in exchange for what we have given. When we give or receive excessively, we bring ourselves to a state of resentment, which it is important to avoid.

There are quite a few articles and books, especially from recent years – in which people try to understand what happiness is and how it can be achieved.

True happiness makes our heart “hum.” It moves, excites and lifts us. When we experience true happiness, we get the feeling that we are truly living, and not just breathing. One of the conclusions researchers have reached in the constant search for happiness is that unconditional giving is one of the greatest happiness-enhancers.

“And remember the words of the Lord Yeshua, for he himself said that it is more blessed to give than to receive.” (Acts 20:35)

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