Why Bennett Refrained From Quoting the Bible to Biden

Israeli leader wanted to recite Psalm 23:4 in the Oval Office, but then remembered how Christians use that verse

By Israel Today Staff | | Topics: Bible
Photo: Avi Ohayon/GPO

Israel Prime Minister Naftali Bennett revealed that he was prepared to quote the Bible to US President Joe Biden when the two met last month, but refrained after remembering that Christians utilize his selected verse somewhat differently than Jews.

Speaking to Israeli media from his hotel in Washington, Bennett said he had wanted to quote Psalm 23:4 to Biden as a reminder that even as leaders of nations they must lean on the Almighty, especially during dark times.

Bennett noted that the biblical passage had gotten him through challenging times during his service as an IDF combat soldier, for instance during battles against Hezbollah in Lebanon.

But, just before meeting Biden, Bennett remembered that Christians typically recite Psalm 23:4 at funerals, and thus felt it would be inappropriate to quote the passage as a call to hope in the Oval Office.

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