MembersWhy Do Muslims Hate Christmas?

A plea for true peace and coexistence this Christmas from a Middle East Christian

Photo: Olivier Fitoussi/Flash90

When global Muslim Brotherhood leader Youssef Qaradawi launched into bitter sermon against the use of Christmas decorations in Doha, Qatar, where he lives, he was echoing a great many other Muslim leaders and scholars who vehemently oppose and even issue fatwas against Arabs who participate in Christian festivals. Even wishing a Christian “happy holidays” is enough to get a Muslim condemned.

It is all part of a broader campaign of hate against Christians, first and foremost in the Middle East.

But this hate belies the Muslims’ claims to be a “religion of peace.” We religious and ethnic minorities in the Middle East experience nothing but hostility and violence at the hands of the Muslims. Why should a Muslim cleric be upset over a colorfully-decorated Christmas tree that symbolizes joy, love and peace? 

By contrast, Christians in this region readily congratulate Muslims on their Islamic festivals. Some might feel compelled to do so, but many of us wish our Muslim brothers and sisters a...

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