Why the Likud Won

It’s amazing that Obama, Europe and Israel’s leftist media combined still couldn’t bring down Netanyahu and Israel’s Right

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On the morning of Election Day, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu agreed to be interviewed on Israel’s Channel 10, but not before requesting that reporter Ben Caspit leave the studio. “Those defaming me and defaming my family,” he told his hosts, “there is nothing obligating me to honor them … they who disguise themselves as journalists.”

Caspit is one of too many journalists who use their profession to shape public opinion against Netanyahu.

Mingling among the cheering crowd celebrating the Likud victory, Channel 10 reporter Israel Rosner asked one about his feelings. “Tomorrow, God willing, we are going to shut down Channel 10,” the reveler beamed at the stunned reporter. “But I’ll be without a job,” complained the reporter. “Don’t worry,” the interviewee responded, “I’ll get you a job at the post office.”

Channel 10 is not alone. In an unprecedented move Netanyahu told his Facebook followers that the time has come “to put things on the table.” Noni Moses, owner of Yediot Acharonot and Ynet, “is using any means possible to overthrow the government of the Likud under my leadership, shut down Israel Hayom and regain monopoly over the written media.”

Netanyahu and the Likud activist suggesting Rosner work at the post office are not hyper-sensitive. Rather, they tell the story of a biased Israeli media that failed miserably in its scheme to outline the major currents of Israeli society.

If there was ever any doubt, the outcome of these elections is proof that “many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand” (Proverbs 19:21).

It is nothing short of amazing that massive support from the Obama Administration, Europe and Israeli and foreign media proved ineffective in ousting Netanyahu. The best propaganda minds, statistical analysts, campaign geniuses and anonymous donors were powerless in their effort to bring the Israeli Left back to power.

These powers have all failed to understand that these last elections were not about hope for better income, health services or affordable housing. As the Obama Administration revealed in its delayed congratulation to Netanyahu and its threat to impose the “two-state solution,” these elections were about the identity and the future of Israel.

The Likud won in spite of Netanyahu, rather than because of him. Many Israelis are fully aware of the problematic domestic policies of Netanyahu, and they blame him for failing to defeat Hamas. And yet, they are willing to turn a blind eye because of his resolute stand against those seeking to compromise Israel’s security.

The Likud won because the majority of Jews in Israel still prefer a “Jewish” democratic state over just a democratic one. Their healthy senses tell them that the Left’s vision for democratic Israel will end up badly for all of us.

The Likud won because the majority of Israeli Jews want to replace the left-wing elite that still controls the Supreme Court, media and academia.

The Likud won because in reality Israel is not as bad as many would have them believe.

Israelis can see with their own eyes the enormous railway and highway projects. They know about the revolutionary desalination plants along Israel’s coast, and they are aware of the support pouring now into Israel’s south.

The Likud won because many Israelis sense that the leftist “Zionist Camp” has lost its desire to see the fulfillment of Israel’ Declaration of Independence. A party that is willing to cooperate with anti-Zionist forces, they reason, will bring despair instead of hope, strife instead of peace.

Likud’s victory is also an Israeli response to disrespectful Obama and hateful Europe. Likud’s victory, therefore, is a vote for Jewish life, pure and simple.


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