Will Iran and American Really Go to War?

“I am in touch with Iranian people in Iran telling me they want the US to attack their country”

By Israel Today Staff | | Topics: Iran
Photo: YouTube screenshot

A US-Iran war is looking more likely than ever with the mullahs’ fresh defiance and an American president in Donald Trump who is far less likely to take such provocations lying down.

And, as everyone knows all too well, if the US and Iran go to war, Israel will most certainly be caught in the middle. Iran has promised as much.

As such, it is interesting to hear analysis of the situation from an Israeli Messianic believer who in recent years has served as an unofficial social media spokesman for both the IDF and the Israeli government.

According to Hananya Naftali, Iran wouldn’t lose such a war only because of American military might, but also because many (most?) Iranians would take the opportunity to finally rise up against their radical Islamic oppressors.

In fact, they are begging for such an opportunity, Naftali reports.

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