Yes! Israel is Officially Open for Tourists (But Read the Following Carefully)

We do hope you come visit Israel soon, but make sure you read the guidelines before planning your trip.

By Israel Today Staff |
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On November 1st all visitors from abroad will be allowed into Israel with proof of vaccination or full recovery from COVID.

The change was approved last night and goes into effect on Monday, November 1st. The government plans to monitor the situation and guidelines will be updated “in line with developments.”

The restrictions that were imposed on travel to Israel back in March 2020 due to the pandemic have been overturned and replaced by new regulations which allow immunized tourists to come to Israel.

That’s good news. The bad news is you must read the following guidelines before planning your trip, and from our experience with immunization protocols, these must be followed to the “t”, and all the “i’s” dotted. Good luck! Still, it’s not all that bad and we do hope to see you soon here in the Land!



The complete (and exhaustive) regulations

The Israeli Health Ministry has published the following guidelines.

As of November 1, 2021, there will no longer be a permit system to enter Israel. You will no longer need to be a first degree relative, nor will you need to apply for a permit 30 days in advance. You do, however, need to meet certain vaccination or recovery criteria to enter Israel.

  1. Criteria for Entering Israel: You must meet ONE of these conditions in order to enter Israel:
  2. Vaccinated within six months of the trip with either a second vaccine or a booster (Pfizer – at least 7 days after the shot, other vaccination types – at least 14 days after the shot). OR
  3. Recovered within six months of the trip with proof of a clean PCR result and more than 11 days have passed since the result. OR
  4. Recovered anytime – even more than six months before the trip – with proof of PCR result AND vaccinated with at least one dose within six months of the trip.

(If six months has passed since your last vaccine or since your recovery during your stay in Israel, you can still come to Israel; however, your green pass will expire during your visit when you pass the six-month mark).

If you were vaccinated or recovered more than six months ago, or were never vaccinated or recovered, please see the end of this document.


  1. Process to enter Israel

You will gain entry into Israel via the Health Ministry Declaration Form: 48-hours before your flight, you will complete this form:

For those who have traveled to Israel previously, you will know this as the “24-hour pre-flight form.” Once you file this form properly, within minutes you will receive an email from “Do Not Reply-MOH,” which is the record you need to show at the airport. Your green pass will be included. If your vaccination certificate is not digitally validated in Israel, it could take longer to receive this email.


Tips for completing this form correctly:

  1. Must be completed within 48-hours of a flight; it will be the basis of your entry to Israel.
  2. You will need specific flight information, i.e., the name of the airline, the flight number and the estimated time that it arrives in Israel.
  3. You will need a specific isolation location, with a specific street address and house number that cannot be changed later on.
  4. You will need to upload your vaccination records via PDF. If you have a vaccination record with a QR code, use it.
  5. If you are submitting a recovery letter along with PCR results, or any other multi-page document, you must merge them into one file and compress them using
  6. Make sure all files are under 1MB and use to compress files if necessary
  7. Everyone needs a negative PCR test from within 72 hours prior to takeoff. (An exemption from pre-departure PCR test will be granted to those recovered, if at least 11 days and no more than 3 months have passed from the day of diagnosis as a COVID-19 case. Note this exemption is for pre-departure PCR tests only; it is not an exemption from the PCR test on arrival in Israel.)
  8. You must have your negative PCR test and a copy of the 48-hour Entry Declaration Form to board a plane to Israel. These are the only documents you need at the gate.


  1. Protocol for Arrival in Israel:
  2. Everyone, bar none, including Israeli citizens, needs to take a PCR test upon arrival at Ben Gurion Airport. Please reserve your test in advance with TestnGo:

If you test positive at Ben Gurion Airport, you will be in 10-day quarantine. There are no exceptions and no ways to shorten your quarantine if this happens.

  1. On your TestnGo form, please use an Israeli cell number that you have access to. That is where you will receive results of your PCR test. Failure to provide an Israeli cellphone number can become problematic.
  2. There is no longer a need for serological testing in Israel in order to receive a green pass or exit quarantine, and therefore no need to book a test.
  3. 24-hour quarantine: Most visitors arriving in Israel will be held to this level of quarantine, which means that you are released after you receive a negative PCR result from the airport or when 24 hours has passed – whichever comes first.
  4. There will be a 10-day quarantine for those who test positive for COVID at Ben Gurion Airport
  5. There will be a 7-day quarantine for anyone with a valid Israeli passport who is not vaccinated or recovered within six months. Release from quarantine comes with a negative PCR upon arrival in Israel and a negative PCR on day seven.


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