A Hidden Mountain, a Hidden River, and the Return of the King
Out of view, and for many Christian visitors completely out of mind, lies the most significant site in all the Land of Israel; indeed, in all the world. It is the geographical core of everything redemptive God is working to accomplish on the earth: a small, limestone hillock that is The Mountain of the Lord.
TODAY: Live Virtual Tour of Biblical Flora in the Holy Land
Recognizing these plants and understanding their meaning will deepen the experience of a trip to Israel and add another dimension to understanding the Bible.
The Bible Lands Museum in Jerusalem.
The Bible Lands Museum: Where the Tanakh Comes Alive
The Bible lays the foundation for the unity of humankind in the very first chapters, teaching us that all people were descended from Adam, who was created by G-d.
Tourists after landing in Israel, everyone experiences the country differently.
A Journey to the Land That Devours Its Inhabitants
No other country on earth points to the biblical God of Israel in a living way like the Promised Land.
David Friedman and Mike Pompeo Take You Through the Original Bible Belt
“All the stories that you learn—whether in a day school, Sunday school, church or synagogue—they all happened here.”
The entrance to ancient Shiloh, first national capital of Israel.
Shiloh – Where God Put His Name at the First
In this third installment of our series on "Guiding God's Land," tour guide Stan Goodenough takes us to Shiloh - the first national capital of Israel.
Young Jewish men dance the Hora at the Western Wall in Jerusalem.
The Hora, Israel’s National Pastime
Prominent rabbis have taught that people can connect with the Almighty through prayer, song and joyous dance.