MembersThe Bible Lands Museum: Where the Tanakh Comes Alive

The Bible lays the foundation for the unity of humankind in the very first chapters, teaching us that all people were descended from Adam, who was created by G-d.

By Rachel Avraham | | Topics: Land of Israel
The Bible Lands Museum in Jerusalem.
The Bible Lands Museum in Jerusalem. Photo: Rachel Avraham

I traveled recently to the Bible Lands Museum in Jerusalem, where the stories of the Bible were brought to life via the latest archaeological finds in the region. The museum was established by Batya and Dr. Ellie Borowski, who fought with the French Army against the Nazis and who lost his entire family in the Holocaust. “Devastated by the loss of his family during the Holocaust, Dr. Borowski felt there was no point in art and music, poetry and literature if they could not provide people with the moral courage to withstand injustice and barbarism,” I learned.

The need for an awakening of the moral and spiritual values contained in the Bible gradually developed into a lifetime goal. Dr. Borowski believed the most effective way to reach this goal was to assemble a collection of artifacts from the land of the Bible that would confirm and elucidate the riches of the biblical world with its ethics and spirituality, and thus the Bible Lands Museum was born.

Mankind’s origins depicted in the museum


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