MembersA Hidden Mountain, a Hidden River, and the Return of the King

Out of view, and for many Christian visitors completely out of mind, lies the most significant site in all the Land of Israel; indeed, in all the world. It is the geographical core of everything redemptive God is working to accomplish on the earth: a small, limestone hillock that is The Mountain of the Lord.

By Stan Goodenough | | Topics: Temple Mount, Land of Israel
Photo: Stan Goodenough

I thrill, more than anything else, at the privilege of being able to show Christians around Israel. If you think about it, where other countries have tourist attractions – the Colosseum in Rome, the Grand Canyon in America, China’s Great Wall, etc. – the entire Land of Israel is an attraction! And there are so many places to see. Sites that open up new and deeper dimensions in our faith as Bible believers.

Primarily, I guide people because there is something about God that I long to share. It has to do with the nation He has chosen for a special reason – the nation of Israel; the Jewish people. It has to do with this little Land which He calls His own – the Land of Israel, which includes, but is not wholly contained in, today’s Jewish state. It has to do with Jerusalem – the sprawling capital of Israel labelled Biblically as the City of the Great King.

Most particularly, it has to do with a non-descript knoll on the eastern edge of this city – a hill which, although we...

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