Israeli search and rescue teams pull survivors from the rubble after the 2010 earthquake that devastated Haiti.
Does God Make Natural Disasters? And How Israel Teaches Us to Take Our Lumps
A look at natural disasters, God's hand in them, and how a reborn Israel fits into the picture
Can prayer change the climate?
Can Prayer Change the Climate?
Instead of acknowledging the link between climate change and obedience to God, many today are swayed by global warming alarmists
Ruins of the ancient city of Beit She'an in the Jordan Valley in northern Israel.
Earthquakes in Jerusalem: When’s the Next Big One?
Professor Amotz Agnon of The Hebrew University explains where and how scientists can tell us what to expect.
Science has long tried to explain, or perhaps discredit, the miraculous natural events recorded in the Bible, most famously the Ten Plagues of Egypt.
The Science Behind the 10 Plagues of Egypt
Is there a scientific explanation for the Ten Plagues of Egypt? Join us for a tour through the common theories and texts.
Israeli and American military forces train together to confront the next natural disaster.
Does God Still Judge the World Through Natural Disasters?
And if God uses natural disasters to judge the sins of mankind, is He still a just God if the innocent perish along with the wicked?
Hyper-Natural Catastrophes and Miracles in the Hebrew Scriptures
How modern science is convincing some skeptics of Biblical truth
Surprised by Archaeological Proof for Bible Earthquake
Exclusive interview with Israeli archaeologist Dr. Joe Uziel, who led Jerusalem excavations that recently uncovered evidence for the earthquake during King Uzziah's reign.
Coastal area of Tel Aviv and Jaffa. How prepared is it to endure a tsunami?
Tsunami: Could It Happen In Israel?
Israelis have learned to live with earthquakes while ignoring the threat of tsunamis. How well is the country prepared for tidal waves?
Flooding in Tel Aviv in December 2021. Can God's hand still be seen in natural disasters?
Faith and Natural Disasters
Nothing exemplifies the rift between the biblical past and modern times quite like our view of natural disasters and whether or not God still has a hand in them
Biblical archaeologist Jennifer Guetta.
Miraculous Save - Archaeologist Attacked by Occult Forces and Rescued by Unexpected Messiah
Exclusive interview with Biblical archaeologist Jennifer Guetta about skepticism, unearthing the Bible and being surprised by the Divine