MembersHyper-Natural Catastrophes and Miracles in the Hebrew Scriptures

How modern science is convincing some skeptics of Biblical truth

By David Shishkoff | | Topics: Natural Disasters
illustration. Photo: Pixabay

Why Miracles?

The miracles of the Bible, both “Old” Testament and New, constitute a central proof confirming God’s intervention in the normal course of human existence.

The Passover season recalls how God provided miracles to affirm that Moses was indeed commissioned by the divine, all-powerful Creator (Exodus 4). These proofs were provided both for the good of the Israelites and the Egyptians (Exodus 7-11). God specified several miraculous signs for Moses to perform – for example turning the staff in his hand into a snake.

The plagues/signs/miracles soon became so undeniable that Pharaoh’s own advisors admitted, “This is the finger of God” (Exodus 8:19).

Then they became so devastating that the advisors petitioned him, “How long will this man be a snare to us? Let the people go, so that they may worship the LORD their God. Do you not yet realize that Egypt is ruined?” (Exodus 10:7 NIV)

Israel Today is revisiting these awe-inspiring events to see how they are viewed today, in Israel and beyond. How are people...

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