MembersSurprised by Archaeological Proof for Bible Earthquake

Exclusive interview with Israeli archaeologist Dr. Joe Uziel, who led Jerusalem excavations that recently uncovered evidence for the earthquake during King Uzziah’s reign.

By David Shishkoff | | Topics: Natural Disasters
Dr. Joe Uziel overseeing excavations in Jerusalem. Photo: Israel Antiquities Authority

When Dr. Joe Uziel and his team uncovered an 8th century BCE layer of destruction during excavations in Jerusalem, they were surprised, to say the least. “We know that Jerusalem continued to exist in succession until the Babylonian destruction, which occurred about 200 years later,” he noted in a report for the Israel Antiquities Authority.

So they asked themselves what could have caused that dramatic layer of destruction if, as the historical record says, it wasn’t due to foreign conquest.

As so often happens, the Bible held the answer.

“Interestingly, the earthquake that appears in the books of Amos and Zechariah occurred at the time when the building we excavated in the City of David collapsed,” he wrote.

Israel Today spoke recently with Dr. Uziel to discuss his findings, and what it was like to uncover hard evidence of the Bible’s veracity.

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