The Botanical Gardens of Eilat

A genuine oasis in a dry and thirsty desert

The Botanical Gardens of Eilat
Eilat Botanic Gardens

Eilat Botanical Gardens are a one of a kind “Tropical Jungle” in the desert. Seeds from all over the world were planted to create the gardens reflecting a biblical charm with streams, waterfalls and terraces that have been built over the years, stone upon stone, just as the Patriarchs would have walked.

There are shady seating areas overlooking the surrounding Red Canyon mountains and Red Sea as you relax and enjoy the aromatic blooms and the sounds of the birds. The “rain forest” with its foggy mist is a surprising delight for visitors in the hot desert climate.

The gardens are fun for all ages. There is a playground for children, Visitor Center and coffee shop. Guided tours are also available.

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