A Cry from London: It’s Time for Jews to Wake Up Shutterstock

A Cry from London: It’s Time for Jews to Wake Up

From the streets of London Israel activist and Jewish community leader Yochy Davis talks about life in England in the shadow of antisemitism.


This past week of anti-Israel demonstrations in London against Jews received little attention in Israel, and I can think of two reasons why.

First, the progressive Israeli media is no longer shocked by virulent antisemites who clothe themselves in “human rights” that hide their true nature. In general, the Israeli media tends to be more sympathetic towards the Palestinian narrative than the Zionist ethos. And, since the majority of Israelis are still right-wingers to one degree or another, they find it difficult to sympathize with the majority of British and American Jews whose criticism of Israel sounds too much like the hundreds of thousands of pro-Palestinian crowds filling the streets of New York and London shouting “Palestine will be free from the river to the sea” (a reminder of the call to “cast the Jews into the sea”).

This does not mean that Israelis do not care about American and British Jews. They do, and God forbid if these Jewish communities would be forced to flee London or New York. Israel welcomes...


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