A Fine Israeli Wine

Israeli wine has matured into some of the finest in the world, and each winery has a unique story.

By Esti Eliraz |
Israeli wine has made a name for itself.
Photo: Shani Baril

Like many wineries in Israel, the Teperberg Winery began as a family operation. It was founded by Avraham Teperberg, who escaped with his family from Odessa to the Jewish Quarter in the Old City of Jerusalem in 1870. The family ran a wine shop and tavern in collaboration with the Shor family’s wineries in the Muslim Quarter of Jerusalem’s Old City market.

Until the 1990s, the winery produced kosher wines for kiddush, the Jewish blessing on Shabbat, and since then began producing table wines. In 2002, the winery was renamed “Teperberg 1870” and began to produce quality wines.

A new winery was built on 20 acres of land in the midst of grape vineyards at the foot of Deir Rafat Monastery in the Judean hills. The entire area is a landmark in Israel’s most important wine tourism with a wonderful combination of history and vineyards designed to produce quality wines produced from some of the finest individual wineries in the region.

What’s New

Teperberg wineries are in the midst of a quality revolution, which includes, among other things, the establishment of state-of-the-art and modern wineries, investments in high-quality wine production lines and state-of-the-art storage methods in Israel. The most important wine in Israel, an area where there is a wonderful combination of many years of history and vineyard growing areas designed to produce quality wines produced from the finest individual wineries in the region.

Each year, the company markets over 4 million bottles of wine to Israel and exports to many countries around the world. As part of the winery’s expansion and strategy plan for the next 5 years, Teperberg aims to become one of the largest and highest quality wineries in Israel. The branding strategy rests on the family lineage and values of wine innovation and quality. The winery is set to grow to 7 million bottles a year in 3 years.

To mark the 150th anniversary of the establishment of the winery, their flagship wine was launched called Providence 2016. Providence refers to divine intervention. The flagship wine was produced in a limited edition of only 6,700 bottles costing NIS 250 a bottle.

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