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A Jew Makes Peace Between Muslims!

Sometimes the Jews are indeed a light to the Gentiles, even those in the Arab Muslim world


Those who think that Jews and Muslims have always lived in constant conflict and mutual hostility throughout history are mistaken. One can find many examples of cooperation and mutual assistance between them. In fact, a rabbi was a famous part of early Muslim history! The Muslim “oral law” (Hadith) tells of this Rabbi Mukhayriq, a wealthy Jew from Banu Nadir who lived near Medina, in what is now Saudi Arabia, during the time of Mohammed.


A rabbi defended Mohammed!

In an agreement between the heads of the Jewish tribe and Mohammed, the tribe committed to fight alongside Islam’s founder if he was attacked. Indeed, one Shabbat morning, the Quraysh tribe [Mohammed’s enemies] started the Battle of Uhud. Rabbi Mukhayriq called on the Judaic tribe to honor the agreement and assist the “Prophet” Mohammed as agreed upon, but the Jews hesitated on the grounds that it was a Sabbath. Rabbi Mukhayriq was furious with them and fought alone alongside Mohammed, ordering that all his property be transferred to Mohammed if he died. And so it was....


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