The Land of Milk and Honey is not one of luxury and ease. Flash90

A Land Flowing with Milk and Honey? It’s Not What You Think

Often mistaken as symbolic of luxury and abundance, this description speaks to God’s provision


Just imagine the opulence, the bounty and joy of a land flowing with the richness of milk and honey. This is a vision that has accompanied Jews and Christians through the ages as it calls forth the abundance of blessings that God pours on His people and land.

“What is sweeter than honey?” (Judges 14:18) reinforces the idea that something extravagant, a special treat, is indeed waiting for those who walk in the ways of the Lord and are willing to follow Him to the Promised Land.

But wait, when Israel wandered into the Land, milk and honey did not flow. Back in those days, milk and honey were not produced from cultivated flocks or rich farmlands. Back then flocks of goat and sheep were led into the “wilderness” (midbar) to graze on lands unsuitable for agriculture. And it was here, among the bushes and wildflowers, that honey might be found (but don’t forget what the wise King Solomon said. “When you find honey, eat just enough – too much of it, and you will...


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