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A pioneering archive for Messianic Jewish documents is being established at Yad Hashmona, the Israeli Messianic Jewish village near Jerusalem.

By Gershon Nerel |
Yad Hashmona
Photo: Gershon Nerel

The vision is to collect and to preserve materials of interest relating to the history of modern Jewish Yeshua-believers (JYB), particularly in the Land of Israel.

Many unknown chapters of modern Messianic Jewish history need to be freed from ignorance. For example, the repeated myth that the modern Messianic Jewish movement was born in America in the 1960s. The truth is that it originated in the mid-19th century around Michael Solomon Alexander, the Hebrew Christian Bishop in Jerusalem. Other “secrets” from the British Mandate period include the existence between 1925-1929 of the Jerusalemite Messianic congregation and the scandalous sale in the early 1930s of the 16-acre “Abraham’s Vineyard” in the heart of Jerusalem by the International Hebrew Christian Alliance (IHCA).

Few have heard about “Operation Mercy,” in which many Messianic believers were “evacuated” from the Land in 1948 shortly before the founding of the State of Israel. Another unmapped story relates to Abram Poljak, a renowned visionary who...

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