MembersA Messianic Jew Opens Up About Homosexuality

Tzachi Dahan, a Messianic Jewish Israeli who came to faith in Yeshua in 2003, represents a new generation of leaders in the local body of Messiah.

By David Lazarus |
Photo: Tzachi Dahan

We spoke to Tzachi about his personal history, which focuses on a topic most believers do their best to avoid.


Israel Today: Were you born homosexual?

Tzachi Dahan: The argument that people are simply born that way is usually an attempt to excuse ourselves from accountability, or even blame God for our shame and emotional torment. Even though growing up I had a desire to be with the opposite sex, it was overshadowed by growing confusion fueled by a judgmental environment. Things I enjoyed doing like gymnastics and dancing were considered effeminate and unusual for a boy. This hypercritical environment confused me and made me feel like I must be different, odd. This pressure only pushed me further to thinking something was wrong with me and lead me to doubt my masculine identity and eventually succumb to a perverted image.

When I first turned to God, I began to understand that I was not really created this way, that this was not God’s...

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