Members“A Second Israel is Too Much”

“We don’t want a second Israel in northern Iraq,” declared Iraqi Vice President Nuri alMaliki.

By Aviel Schneider |
Photo: Twitter

The government in Baghdad had warned the Kurds of serious repercussions if they compromised Iraqi unity in their September referendum on independence. Following the successful vote, thousands poured into the streets of Erbil, capital of the Kurdish autonomous region in Iraq. While most waved the Kurdish flag, many also proudly carried the blue and white flag of Israel.

Many leading Kurds have publicly stated their natural affiliation with Israel: “Just like the Jews, we too have been waiting for generations for an independent state; We are also surrounded by enemies. In recent years, Israel has stood by us more than any other country; Israel is a role model for us.” These are just some of the things Kurdish representatives have said to the Israeli media.

The international community does not support Kurdish independence in northern Iraq, although there are nearly 30 million Kurds living scattered across Iraq, Iran, Syria and Turkey. They have every right to their independence. The West and the Arab world have campaigned on the matter of independence for much smaller national groups, but still deny the...

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