MembersA Sick Day

by Arthur Schwartzman

The other day I was feeling sick and weak.

Photo: Israel Today

My body ached, my nose felt congested, my throat was sore and my eyes were teary and burning.

It felt like a day to stay at home, allowing my body to rest. A day for hot soup, drinking tea with lemon, not answering the phone, turning the TV on at 10 am. Perhaps getting comfortable and asking my husband to take care of all the cooking and the needs of the kids.

RIGHT! I got up in the morning, even though I had hardly slept during the night, and showered, shivering the whole time despite the water being warm and the bathroom heater being on. It was hard for me to dry myself and get dressed. I found myself occasionally sitting down to gather some strength.

I reluctantly went and picked some vegetables to make myself a health shake, convincing myself that it is precisely on a day like this that one must drink a health shake. I left for the office and the day began. Phone calls, emails, writing, accounts, meetings with colleagues and much...

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