Bible regulations can help us better deal with the coronavirus crisis. Public domain

A Time to Heal

Perhaps this is the most positive aspect of the Corona crisis.


Parashat Tazria-Metzora from Leviticus 12-15

This Torah portion deals with issues such as diseases, leprosy, and other ritual impurities from which the Israelites were required to distance ourselves. Some would prefer to “distance” themselves from these difficult rules and regulations, but this Torah portion is full of rich insights concerning our social and individual responsibilities.

It’s important to understand that ritual impurity and the need to be segregated out of society is not a permanent state. Rather, for the most part these are natural, often unavoidable conditions of life that need not stir up excessive fear or negativity. Ritual impurity is not necessarily a result of sin and is intended to fill a positive role in our lives.

A state of ritual impurity indicates that a person is not currently able to achieve their full potential in life. Whether it is from a contagious disease or an issue of blood, this is an opportunity for the ritually impure person to take time aside,…