An Evangelical Response to Israel’s Evangelical Enemies

Are the physical biblical promises to Israel still valid? Should Christians support Israel as a biblical imperative?

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As Evangelical foes of the notion that Israel’s modern rebirth has anything to do with the Bible gather in Bethlehem, it seems a fitting time to draw attention to this powerful video series.

What’s happening at the Christ at the Checkpoint conference is nothing news. Replacement Theology has dogged the Jewish people for millennia. And its proponents have become increasingly rabid over the past half century as Israel’s rebirth provided concrete evidence that God was not finished with the physical sons of Jacob.

Israel’s Evangelical enemies will say it’s ludicrous to continue to lay claim to land promises made thousands of years ago. They’ll insist that Yeshua’s coming spiritualized each and every promise God ever made to the People of Israel.

But that’s a slippery and dangerous slope to go down, and jeopardizes our own claims to God’s promises as Christians.

It also simply cannot account for the miraculous nature of Israel’s physical reconstitution after millennia of exile, in perfect accordance with numerous biblical prophecies.

The full series can be found here.

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