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ANALYSIS: Israel’s New Modus Operandi Against Iran

Arab sources speak to Israel Today about true extent of Israel’s assault on Iran, and growing Israeli-Arab cooperation


The Israeli military and Israel’s intelligence agencies are increasingly changing their modus operandi in what is called ‘the war between wars,’ the campaign against the Islamic Republic of Iran and its many proxies.

This has become visible in Iran itself where since the end of June, a series of mysterious explosions have disrupted Iran’s nuclear weapons program and damaged infrastructure as well as facilities belonging to the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), as we reported earlier.

Cyber warfare has become increasingly Israel’s most effective tool against Iran’s nuclear weapons program, but also the Mossad, Israel’s famous spy agency, is active in Iran, as became crystal clear at the end of January 2018, when a large Mossad team raided Iran’s secret nuclear archive in a suburb of Tehran and stole the nuclear secrets of the Islamic Republic.


Iranians helping Israel

The Mossad most likely gets assistance from disgruntled Iranians who don’t share the regime’s hatred for Israel, and is not operating via...


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