Hezbollah troops rally against Israel in Beirut. EPA-EFE/NABIL MOUNZER

ANALYSIS: What’s Behind Hezbollah’s Latest Attack on Israel?

Overshadowed by normalization with UAE, Israel is on high alert amid ongoing Hezbollah attacks from Lebanon


The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) remain on high alert after Hezbollah tried to kill Israeli soldiers last Tuesday evening.

Shots were fired at an IDF position in the area of Kibbutz Manara in the most northern part of the Galilee at around 10:30 PM last Tuesday.

Initially, the IDF assumed that Hezbollah was again trying to infiltrate Israel as it did on July 20, when a terrorist cell of 4 or 5 Hezbollah gunmen attempted to enter Israeli territory near Har Dov, east of Metullah, Israel’s most northern town.

For several minutes, IDF soldiers fired flares to illuminate the Manara region and after that loud explosions were audible from 30 kilometers away in Rosh Pina, where I was on a short vacation.

The explosions sounded like artillery fire, but the IDF later released information that helicopter gunships and warplanes had bombed Hezbollah’s positions near the border with Israel.

It was the first time since the Second Lebanon War in 2006 that Israeli aircraft had bombed Hezbollah positions inside Lebanon, and a full-blown war seemed closer than ever.

After the incident was over, Hezbollah leader...


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