Arab Canaanites?

Once again, Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas has claimed before the international community (at the UN Security Council, no less) that the Palestinian Arabs are direct descendants of the Canaanites.

By Aviel Schneider |
Mahmoud Abbas
Photo: Flash 90

While calling for a new Middle East peace conference in which America is denied a leading role, Abbas linked today’s Arab inhabitants of Judea and Samaria to ancient biblical peoples. “We are the Canaanites, who have been living continuously for the last 5,000 years in Palestine. Our people are deeply rooted in this land. We, the Palestinian people, have founded cities, have built up our native land, and have thereby made a great contribution to humanity and to civilization,” he insisted.

Any historian or theologian knows that the Canaanites disappeared long ago. But despite a conspicuous lack of evidence, the Palestinians are now busy constructing an ethnic connection to nations that lived in this land prior to its conquest by the Israelites. Of course, there were many nations in the land at that time, and the Palestinians can’t seem to agree from which they are descended. Some claim the Jebusites as their ancestors, while others feel more connected to the Philistines. Beneath all this is the fact that the Palestinians have now realized this conflict is not solely a political one. As much as Western power brokers try to deny it, the conflict is far more religious in nature. Abbas unabashedly tried to manipulate the UN Security Council into accepting a new narrative in this regard: “If we talk about Al-Quds, then we are speaking about a civilization of generations in this land. We have been in Palestine since the Arab Canaanites built the city of Al-Quds.”

We know from the Bible (2 Kings 23:10) that the Canaanites sacrificed children to the god Moloch. The Arabs, on the other hand, belong to the Semitic linguistic ethnic group that includes the Hebrews and the Arameans. The term “Arab Canaanite” is an oxymoron. Prof. Rafi Israeli, an expert on Islam and the Middle East, explained: “They are trying to fabricate roots in the Land. As soon as anyone criticizes this historical nonsense, the wise men of the world demand of us that we respect their narrative. It makes absolutely no difference to them what the historical truth really is. If a lie is repeated a thousand times, at some point it will be held to be true. This is why we should not remain silent.”


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