Arab Media Claims Israel Wielding the Forces of Nature in War Against Islam

Recent earthquakes elicit predictable outlandish charges from Arab media determined to blame everything on Israel

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In addition to its military prowess, some Arab journalists are now telling their readers that Israel is wielding the very forces of nature in its supposed war against the Muslim world.

Such outlandish charges are nothing new in the Arab media's efforts to defame and incite hatred (and even fear) of Israel.

While these allegations sadly put genuine peace even further out of reach by turning Israeli Jews into a kind of bogeyman in the eyes of average Arabs, they are also a source of amusement here in the Jewish state.

There wasn't much to do but chuckle at the conclusions reached by Maal Zakarna, a columnist for Jordan's Ad-Dustour daily newspaper, when considering the recent string of earthquakes that struck northern Israel.

According to Zakarna, the location and frequency of the tremors raised serious questions. "It could be that they were caused by experimental explosions carried out by the Israeli occupation's army at a certain depth under the Kinneret," he wrote.

One of the goals of these explosions, Zakarna continued, could be preparing for "a major criminal action against sites in occupied Jerusalem which are holy to Islam and Christianity, and especially against the Al-Aqsa mosque, Dome of the Rock, and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre…[to] create a pre-planned earthquake to destroy them in preparation for creating a Holy Temple in the attempt to Judaize Jerusalem."

Never mind that Israel sits on the Syrian-African rift, one of the world's most active fault lines. If there's potential calamity in the Middle East, then the Jews must be guilty.

PHOTO: The Dome of the Rock atop Jerusalem's Temple Mount. Apparently, Israel's trying to bring it down with an earthquake. (Sliman Khader/Flash90)

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