MembersArab Theft of Jewish Property Finally Being Addressed

How much property did the Arab states steal from Jews? And why has Israel failed to press the issue?

By Edy Cohen |

For the first time in the history of Israel, the amount of Jewish properties that were either abandoned, or stolen, by Arab governments has been revealed. 

This massive sum does not even include any account of the fact that since being robbed of their property, the Jews have not been able to profit one cent from their former lands, factories or businesses. Also, the already astronomical amount is based on the dollar value back when the Jews were oppressed and expelled, and does not take into account what that amount – $150 billion – would be worth today, but it would certainly be in the trillions.

Sarah Gila Gamliel, of Israel’s Department for Social Equality, two years ago contracted an internationally-recognized accounting firm to secretly visit several countries and begin an assessment of the stolen Jewish properties in Arab lands. As noted, this is the first time that the Israeli government has formally investigated the properties of Jews who immigrated to Israel amidst the antisemitic persecutions they suffered in the Arab countries since the establishment of the State of...

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